Eminent Person

It has started! I have no idea whether I should jump up and down and clap my hands or run away and hide in my room for the next month. Hopefully, the latter will not be necessary. Moving on…. I have decided to do Harriet Adams as my Eminent Person.

Harriet Adams  is most known for her work on the Nancy Drew Series which she wrote under the name Caroline Keene. She also wrote some Hardy Boys books under the name Franklin W. Dixon. She was a huge part of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. This was a book packager started by her dad, Edward Statemeyer, which she took over when he died in 1930. She had a sister named Edna Squier and she married a man named Russell Vroom Adams with whom she had four kids.

While completing the eminent person project, I hope to find inspiration and ideas for my own books and stories. One of Harriet’s stories or part of her life may spark ideas for me or possibly help me to find what type of genre is my strength and what genre fits me. This will help me to complete my IEP goal of finishing my novel.


2 thoughts on “Eminent Person”

  1. Hi Jessica, I love your choice of eminent person. I have to admit, I had never heard of her before this post. I also had no clue Franklin W. Dixon was a real person! I actually own one of her books, “The Secret Panel”.

    Your first paragraph was very well written. Stating your feelings about this project was a great way to start off your post. One thing you could work on is perhaps relating Harriet Adams to your IEP goals, as well as your “word”.


    1. Hi, thanks for the input. I’ll include how it relates to my word in my next post for sure. As for goals, I will just add a little update to clarify as I realize for people who haven’t read my goals, the connection isn’t there. It’s great to hear that you have one of her books. I have quite a few books written by “Caroline Keene” though they seem quite new and are probably not all written by her.

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