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Yay! In-depth has started! I honestly can’t wait. So, for my project, I am going to choreograph a dance to the song Change my Life by Ashes Remain. I chose choreography because even though I dance for 14 hours a week, when ever it comes to improvisation, free-styling and making combinations, I can’t put a series of movements together and end up repeating variations of 8 counts of movement. I hope that this project will help to add confidence to my dances that are choreographed as well as assist me in my exams and classes that require that improvisation skill.

A lot of the work that I’ll do on my dance will be done at my studio, with the exception of some practices at my house. I’ve already started to think of some choreo for the dance as well as talk to my teachers. Oh yes, mentors. My mentors will be my dance teachers: Liz Tookey, Meredith Kalaman, and Lindsay Mackay. I hope to also talk to the other teachers at the studio, however I will not be able to talk to them as often as I need to and might not be able to talk to them at all.

On Monday, I asked two of my teachers for there tips and tricks to choreography. This is the list that I have so far:

– Find steps that match the dancer’s style

– Look for hidden sparks of interest in style and steps and work with them

– The storyline doesn’t have to show in the dance

– The storyline doesn’t need to make sense

– Try to establish a storyline

– Don’t always choreograph from beginning to end

– The idea can change as you go

– Don’t be stubborn with the steps

– Feel the music


Yeah, so I’m very excited for in-depth. Who knows? If this project turns out as well as I hope, maybe I can choreograph my solo and compete it in a competition in a year or so. I hope to start hard-core choreographing in February and be at a nit-picking stage by April. That’s all for now. Good luck on everyone’s projects. I can’t wait to see them in May!

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  1. Great start. I would like to put you in touh with Carlin and Victoria who choreographed a dance last year. They may be able to share some valuable insights as well.

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