Reflection of the Civil War

I chose the topic of King James I and King Charles I. My group consisted of Joanna and Raymond. I felt the main idea that was learnt was who King Charles and King James were as people. This was shown through their actions. I’m very proud of our group’s rap. I felt that it was very successful and covered the key points in an entertaining way that held the class’s attention. Something that could have been improved on is to have a more in depth King Charles Prezi. It was a last minute addition and therefore didn’t have a lot of information. In the future, we as a group should figure out what is to be covered in depth by the group in the beginning and not halfway through.


 Two units that captured my interest was the Civil War Part 2 and the Oliver Cromwell. I will definitely remember the Mock Trial because it was so engaging as well as the Cromwell “Royals” Parody because it’s a well known song and was a catchy parody. These presentations opened my eyes to the fact that, though king, Charles’ position of power in society did nothing to distinguish him from any other citizen of society during his trial. They also showed me that normal people can rise and make a difference but it isn’t always for the best.

Some questions that were raised for me were: Why were kings crowned at such a young age if the weren’t old enough to make or comprehend the decisions that the king faces? Did anyone become supporters of parliament because they feared the king’s reaction to the rebellion were it to fail?

I spent my class time writing, editing and filming the video after we had the base information for the prezi as my computer didn’t allow me to access and edit the prezi. Some strategies I employed as far as writing the rap was looking through our research document finding information on the two Kings that they could use against each other. Something I would do again is the rap battle or maybe change it and rewrite/write a song as it has you analyze the information for things you can rhyme and pair, as well as things you can relate to each other.

Big question time!

If those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, what are we ‘doomed to repeat’ by not learning about this period in English history?

I believe that the thing we would be “doomed to repeat” would be changing our living style in a huge way that would not be easily undone. I believe we would do something dire without fully understanding the outcome and end up realizing it was a horrible idea and we have no concrete way of undoing it.

Indepth #4

Yay!! I’m so happy. Competition season’s coming up and because of this, we started sharing solos in class. It was a small class, we had extra time and so I got to show my fellow dancers my routine!! I even got it filmed. The floor was really sticky which is why I fell out of all of my turns and tripped at the beginning. The music was also a different cut version and I forgot what I had leading up to the end… Overall I guess it wasn’t my best I’d done it, but I still did it and got some good feedback from everyone.



1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

My greatest challenge so far is finding time to meet with Ms. Lindsay. Competitions take up quite a few Saturdays and, as my mom is paying for these sessions, I don’t always get a chance to work with Ms. Lindsay on indepth when I see her because I need to work on my jumps, turns, groups, and my competition solo.

2. What is working well? Why?

It’s easy to find time to work on my routine just by myself because when I finish dance everyday, a lot of the studios are empty and available. I also don’t need Ms. Lindsay with me every practice which makes it easier as I’m just working around my own schedule.

3. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

Something that could be improved is how much I remember between each session. With 6 other dances that I am constantly running as well as homework stretching out the time between each session, I often have troubles retaining all that I have choreographed. I can fix this by filming after every time I choreograph something new, even if it is only the new parts.