Charlotte Corday: Conflicted Opinion

Hello everyone. It is the month of May of 1789 and the Revolution has reached the ears of us out in Caen. Some people of the rebellion have even set up a base here. I can’t tell how I feel about this rebellion. As much as I agree with what is being done and happening, the architectural work on the Abbaye-aux-Dames is slowing and my convent is being suppressed. I think this revolution may work. I feel that the King will be overthrown and that much more power will be given to the Third Estate than it had a year ago. That will be good, will it not? The King does not know how to handle his money. There are people starving and the price of bread just keeps going up, but that does not seem to effect King Louis. If the King were to lose power though, it does not guarantee that our issues will be solved but it is more likely that they will because we can see the other side of the fence.


Unfortunately, I don’t do anything big until I kill Marat and am not mentioned in the primary documents prior to the assassination.

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