Charlotte Corday: The Locked Chest Mishap

December 30, 1792

So I realize that a locked chest has been found. I also can see that these letters could be very incriminating. However, let us just take a minute and think this over. As much good as it may do to kill the king, we must make sure we go through proper procedures and don’t miss any information because of a horrible investigation. For all we know, these letter may be the product of a friendly role play. And is there any proof that King Louis was replying. He could be completely against what the Austrians are suggesting. Once someone goes to the guillotine, there is no bringing them back. We must also consider what may happen after the king is killed. For example, harming Louis may anger the surrounding countries and we could have a large war on our hands. As a Girondist, I suggest that we find a happy medium  on these constitutional issues. The King does not need to be harmed, but merely have all his power removed. There has been so much killing already, with the September Massacres just three months ago, will killing King Louis really reduce the amount of death that will be in the future.

We, the people of France, need to start thinking rationally and put this revolution on pause. We are moving to quickly ahead, making radical decisions and thinking that it’s easier to just kill everyone, without thinking of the consequences. Many lives can, and will, be saved if we just take the time to take a step back and look at what we are doing. We must start looking at where we are headed and see if it we should really, truly listen to the violent suggestions of people like Marat and Robespierre.

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