Charlotte Corday: I killed one man to save 100,000

Well, what an eventful end to my time in this revolution. Jean-Paul was threatening the republic too much. He needed to be dealt with. So I decided that what goes around, comes around. He stabbed us all in the back so I stabbed him in the back on July 13, 1793. Originally I planned on making a public spectacle, however his skin condition caused me to reorganize. I leave you with my Addresse aux Français amis des lois et de la paix further explaining my motives. Let me tell you this though. I killed Marat under the belief that his death will stop the violence that is happening in France and it will prevent the risk of an all-out civil war. My only regret is that my plan did not allow me to see whether or not my sacrifice was in vain. I was executed in the guillotine four days later. They gave me a trial where I explained that I killed Marat in order to save the 100 000 that I believed would one day die at his hand. Hopefully, when this revolution has died down and authority has stopped being challenged, France will come out strong with a Republic and no mass murderers in charge. I wish that I will not be forgotten after my sacrifice and though I did not mind dying for the good of the people, I hope that I will not go without recognition.


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