In-depth #7: On the night of the night

Hello everyone! In-depth night seems to just be just around the corner! On the night of in-depth, I will be doing a stage performance. My dance is 3 min almost exactly not including getting on and off stage. The wall on the stage will hopefully be open as well with the curtains with the black curtain pulled in front of the props. I will be playing music off my I pod hopefully through the stage speakers but if not, I have speakers of my own. I need someone to start my music, but I have already got Joanna to help me with that. As for the rest of the night, I was planning on walking around, helping with technology, assisting other learning centers if anyone needs help, visiting learning centers, and making myself available to talk to. I plan on spending the night in my costume, but may end up changing sometime during the night based on the weather. Right now, my costume is either one of Emma’s old dresses that is brown and black, or jean shorts, a black sports bra and a gold shrug top from an old costume of mine. There is a chance I will be using baby powder to help me turn during my dance. If so, I will be wiping it off the stage after stage performances have ended.


I can’t wait for In-depth night, I think it is going to be amazing!

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  1. We will have Christy/ Kristy hired as our school’s tech person. We can project the music through the larger speakers as well. You are ready to go. Have you had another practice run yet on the full stage?

    1. I want to run it with my costume so I’m waiting to have that first. I’m hoping to run it on Monday but I’m waiting to see if I can get the costume and the stage. If Diane’s swimming lesson is cancelled, I may run it on Friday.

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