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Hey everyone! So on October 30th, we, as a class, went to SFU for the day. We started with a solo spot, super cool, followed with us exploring the Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology. The museum was really interesting and I loved looking at all the aboriginal designs in the things like bentwood boxes. For lunch we went to an Indian


buffet place. The food was really good. Afterwards, we split in to two groups for tours. They were lead by Katie and Zoe Fajber, Jamie’s sisters. The tour was really interesting and it was neat to hear about different parts of the school. We ended the day at the library, where


I got a book called “Body Image: Understanding Body Dissatisfaction in Men, Women and Children.” The library it’s self was super interesting in how it was laid out and organized, as well as a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of books there.

I started the day with a plan to get a book and to bond with classmates. I also wanted to see the campus, especially because I am considering going there. I planned on taking loads of photos for both me and my blog.

Looking back, I learned a lot about universities and the opportunities they provide from both Katie and posters around the


school. I learned a little about university life from a student’s perspective as well. Overall the day was very inspiring in that it opened my eyes to a new world in a way, or at least a different perspective of the world. It gave me a look into the paradigm that is a post-secondary student as well as showed me amazing sights in the architecture and feel of the building itself. In relation to my word from the beginning of grade 9, open, it opened my eyes and mind to a new way of thinking and gave me another mindset to consider when I meet people.

For more photos, check them out in my flickr album.

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this summary of your day at the library – and the great set of photos! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your inquiry into body image and how people can positively effect the wider culture and society. Your interview will also likely lead to a very interesting discussion/blog/lesson for life!

    I’m also curious about what you took away from seeing what you could of the ‘post secondary world’ through Jamie’s sisters, as well as your own observations for the day. What are you excited about for yourself, looking a few years ahead: are there aspects of campus life (or post secondary in general) that you’re curious/excited/apprehensive about? What prompted these thoughts for you, either on the trip, or before?

    Thanks for the glimpse of your project in process! I’m looking forward to seeing where Eminent takes you.

    Enjoy your Sunday,

    Mr. J

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