Speech Draft

Hi so this is a draft of my eminent speech. It’s at about a minute timed so I want to add more but I don’t know what…. If someone wants to edit and help that would be great!

[Runs on stage, excited]

They want me for Clara in The Chocolate Nutcracker!? I don’t even go to their studio! My teachers must be talking about me more than I thought… Oh I can’t wait! But, I’m not good enough am I? I only started pointe 2 months ago. Heck, I only started dancing 5 months ago. I mean, I know my teachers called me a prodigy when I started but I was taking a free class at the boys and girls club near the motel where I lived! You can’t blame me for not believing them. Plus I’m growing out of the typical ballet body. I guess I kind of need to be African-American to be in the Chocolate Nutcracker but I’m getting too tall, too developed, too muscular looking. Maybe it doesn’t matter as much as I thought. Maybe my teachers are right. Maybe I will go far. I will make it. Maybe a prestigious company will stray from looking for that long legged, long armed, short and thin torso, Caucasian soloist. I mean, I’m good. Plus being African-American won’t keep me out of the corps de ballet, will it?


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