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Eminent night is a week away as of tomorrow and I couldn’t be more scared excited. Just today, we figured out our speech order. I think I’m 5th,? I can’t really remember. In all honestly though, I can’t wait. One of my IEP goals is to become more confident with my stage presence and public speaking. I feel that this will really help me take a step in the right direction. (Unless I bomb my speech and develop terrible stage fright as a result, but I like to not think that way.)

My project is turning out really well. Something I said I wanted to learn more about is why society cares so much about our look and build. While I didn’t really figure out why society feels that way, I figured out why it matters for dance companies. Your build affects the way you move therefore limiting your options. Examples include weight and height limiting partnering and physical ability limiting steps. I’ll expand on that in my interview post. Your look really only matters if you are trying to get into a really prestigious company, because they have enough dancers that they can aim for unity in look as well as technique.

One thing I am going to have at my learning center is my pointe shoes. One thing I find truly amazing about Misty Copeland is that she was only dancing for three months before going on pointe. I was dancing for 7 years before I went on pointe (of course, I had to also wait to be old enough). I’m going to bring my pointe shoes because it helps to show strength of feet and ankles.

Something I hope to show is how Misty Copeland got so far even though she came from very little money and was African-American. I want to show that with the support of her teachers and the connections they provided, she could succeed. This will probably be most prominent in my speech.

I also want to comment on Nazlie’s project. I recently heard her speech on the woman who runs Rookie. It blew me away. During her speech, she didn’t ever really move, using no body language to aid her, however it worked in her favour. I believe this is because her speech was formed as a letter to her eminent person and letters are not often associated with body movement. She caught my eye because she spoke with such passion in a way that was relatable, and because she was talking about body images and the affects society have on us. This is something, as I mentioned earlier, that I wanted to know more about.

So now I’m going to go read Nazlie’s blog and go discover what Rookie is all about.  If you’ll excuse me…..

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