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So I’ve gotten a comment which I feel I can’t properly reply in more comments. So here we go.

Mr. Jackson: “I’m also curious about what you took away from seeing what you could of the ‘post secondary world’ through Jamie’s sisters, as well as your own observations for the day. What are you excited about for yourself, looking a few years ahead: are there aspects of campus life (or post secondary in general) that you’re curious/excited/apprehensive about? What prompted these thoughts for you, either on the trip, or before?” -SFU Exploration

After seeing the ‘post secondary world’, I’ve taken away a lot about the life of the student, I guess you could say. I always thought that once I enter that world, my life will basically become new. I’ll stop dancing, spend all my time in the library doing work, stuff like that. Seeing how universities are run changes that idea. I’ll probably always take advantage of the outdoors or study areas over the library and also use areas like the pool and gym for exercise on campus.

Looking ahead, and realizing that this could be me in a few years, definitely provokes new emotions. As I said, I’ve always planned on stopping dance once I graduate, however I’m already on year 11 of 13 then. It makes me sad to think that in three years I won’t be dancing however I’m worried I won’t have enough time. I’m excited about all the clubs and new experiences I’ll find myself encountering. I’m curious about how much time I am going to have and how busy I’ll be. I’m going to need to have a job, get my homework done and keep fit, while still have time for myself. I’m used to having a lot on my plate with the schedule I have now, but how much stuff would be too much, how much would be too little?

These thoughts are sparked by conversations from Katie about how you can spend a whole night doing homework as well as how many people don’t take classes at my studio after graduation. It is started from my own perception of my time as well as my families. My mom already thinks I have too much on my plate; however, if I take on any less, I’ll find myself bored in the calm months.

So that’s a little more information to follow my SFU post. Thanks for the comment!


Over the course of the eminent project, I didn’t use that many sites, however I will give you the ones I used.


Misty Copeland

This website is very good. It has good information on her life and repertoire. It also had great pictures and allowed for contact. I used this website mainly however I paired it with her Wikipedia page to cross check and expand.

Misty Copeland Wikipedia

I used this website along side the site above. I used it mainly for cross referencing facts, however I also learned more about her home life and things that weren’t publicized on her official site.

ESPN Interview

This article helped me to learn a lot about how Misty felt being the only African- American. It gave me a lot of incite to how she viewed things and it brought up items in which I later looked in to.

American Ballet Theatre

This site is the official site of the American Ballet Theatre. I used it to look at the dancers there as well as look into their education and training programs. I used the sub sites within this site.

Pointe Magazine

This article was helpful as it gave incite into some of the hidden exclusions of todays companies. It didn’t really assist me in furthering my project but it was good basis information.

Body Image: Understanding Body Dissatisfaction in Men, Women and Children

While this book didn’t help me with my project per-say, it gave me a lot of basic information on peoples’ perceptions of themselves and how the paradigm within which they live affects how they see themselves.

And Finally Bunheads

This book is a book of fiction, however the author was a professional dancer in the New York Ballet for 9 years. I can imagine that this book is based on things she saw within the company, if not experienced herself. This book sparked inspiration for my project as it should me hidden things that happened within a company and opened my eyes to the fact that body acceptance within companies isn’t necessarily put aside when you get your foot in the door. Also an amazing read for any dancer.

Well those are the main sources I used on this project. Hopefully they help someone.

Night of the Notables: A Night of the Past

Night of the Notables is over! I can’t tell really if I’m happy or sad about this. It was a great night with many memories, laughs and new experiences. There were so many awesome things about the night that I want to share so I think I will…

The evening started with speeches. Now, up until that night, I had no clue if I was excited or nervous. During diner, I was definitely nervous. Backstage, nervous.   The doors opened and I started to buzz with anticipation, either to get on stage or to get off. Then Jamie walked on stage, starting the first speech, and I was excited! I couldn’t wait. And when I went on stage, it wasn’t some blackout speech where I walked off stage saying “What happened?”. I was thinking and present the whole time. It sure will be something I will remember and carry with me for a while.


After all the speeches were done, there was a panic as everyone ran to get to and set up their learning centers. As we ran down the hallway, a mixture of pointe shoes, ski boots, runners and heels clicking on the floor, I could only think about how funny we must all look to a passerby who didn’t know about Night of the Notables. It made me laugh at the thought of a ballerinas, skiers, runners and pioneer looking people all running through the school halls.

The rest of the night past fairly quickly, followed by selfies and polaroid photos before and after closing circle. It was a night to remember.





I’d say that I met all my goals for the year’s project. I was happy with what I learned and was happy with how well my speech went. In future, I would look at information from more sites.

I just want to thank the grade nines for putting this night on and making it so good; I also want to thank all the other tens for being so supportive of everyone and making the night special!

eminent 4

I hope to see all you nines rocking it on stage as tens next year!!!!