Night of the Notables: A Night of the Past

Night of the Notables is over! I can’t tell really if I’m happy or sad about this. It was a great night with many memories, laughs and new experiences. There were so many awesome things about the night that I want to share so I think I will…

The evening started with speeches. Now, up until that night, I had no clue if I was excited or nervous. During diner, I was definitely nervous. Backstage, nervous.   The doors opened and I started to buzz with anticipation, either to get on stage or to get off. Then Jamie walked on stage, starting the first speech, and I was excited! I couldn’t wait. And when I went on stage, it wasn’t some blackout speech where I walked off stage saying “What happened?”. I was thinking and present the whole time. It sure will be something I will remember and carry with me for a while.


After all the speeches were done, there was a panic as everyone ran to get to and set up their learning centers. As we ran down the hallway, a mixture of pointe shoes, ski boots, runners and heels clicking on the floor, I could only think about how funny we must all look to a passerby who didn’t know about Night of the Notables. It made me laugh at the thought of a ballerinas, skiers, runners and pioneer looking people all running through the school halls.

The rest of the night past fairly quickly, followed by selfies and polaroid photos before and after closing circle. It was a night to remember.





I’d say that I met all my goals for the year’s project. I was happy with what I learned and was happy with how well my speech went. In future, I would look at information from more sites.

I just want to thank the grade nines for putting this night on and making it so good; I also want to thank all the other tens for being so supportive of everyone and making the night special!

eminent 4

I hope to see all you nines rocking it on stage as tens next year!!!!



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