The Start of a New In-Depth | In-Depth # 1

In-Depth is upon us! Time to start our grand passion project. For my project, I have decided to make a YouTube vlogging channel. A vlogging channel is a channel that contains video logs as opposed to gaming, music, or education. My vlogging channel will help me with self-exploration and development creativity. It will also help me with video editing and my stage presence by giving me practice speaking to an audience (albeit an internet audience) and editing videos. I chose to create a YouTube channel not only because of the skills and confidence it will give me, but also because of the community and acceptance that YouTube creates. When people watch videos made by YouTubers that they enjoy, viewers are cheered up. I want to be that person for people.

With my channel, I will be uploading a new video every weekend. The videos will be new ideas that are entertaining. Videos will range from how tos, to daily vlogs, to discussion videos. If viewers want me to make sequels to certain videos, it will be considered. By the first of every month, I will have the video schedule for the month completed. I will posted on this blog, giving readers of my blog posts previews of videos to come. Luckily I already have most of the supplies that I need however I will probably need more SD cards to film.

I plan on getting a lot of information on how to improve my videos from my mentor, Daria Azizian. Daria is a vlogger from Vancouver. She joined YouTube on August 31, 2013 and since then has gained 912 subscribers. I will be learning from her a lot about video creation, as well as how to brainstorm ideas and make things like annotations and subscription links.

That’s about it, make sure to comment below any questions that you have for me as well as check out my channel and Daria’s channel. I will be uploading my first video on January 17.

UPDATE: My mentor used to be Monika Szucs however that no longer works out and this is my new mentor.

My channel:

Daria Azizian’s channel:

One thought on “The Start of a New In-Depth | In-Depth # 1”

  1. Great project, Jessica, that will provide you with the learning opportunities you are seeking. Here are some suggestions for you that may be helpful to watch for your TALONS peers:
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    4. Coffee House promotion for ME2We team!
    4. My life as a dancer (you!).

    I am looking forward to your first youtube movie.

    Quirien Mulder ten Kate

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