360 Degree Leader – Section One

Myth One:

A person does not need to possess the top title to achieve results and help others become productive. Look at a classroom. Though a student does not have as high a title as a teacher, one can still be asked for explanations, opinions or missed instructions. A student can still ask others to stay on task and help others with concepts that may be hindering productivity.

Myth Two:

I become the person I desire to be by analyzing the person that that is. I find the differences between who I am and who I want to be and find ways to make those changes. Let’s say I want to be a drummer. I find the difference (being able to drum) and make the change (learn how to drum).

Myth Three:

I am prompted to follow someone else when I agree with what they stand for and feel what they are doing will be effective. I follow someone if they are reliable and reasonable. I tend to follow people I deem trust worthy.

Myth Four:

Chairs of committees should take in to consideration many things before making a decision. Things like ‘Is this decision the most logical decision?”, “Will we have time to go through with it?” and  “Is this manageable with the amount of people we have?” are things to consider. When assigning tasks, chairs will have to consider the schedule of the members. “Will they be able to complete this task?”

Myth Five:

The chairs in a committee answer to Ms. Mulder and the project managers. They also accommodate the needs of the committee, leading them to answer to their committee as well.  It can be argued that they answer to other committees as well in the sense that they help fulfill tasks that are required of their committee by other committees and tasks that require two committees.

Myth Six:

I am capable of achieving high marks and success in my school work. I am capable of achieving to receive my Doctor of Medicine and my Bachelor’s from UBC. Me reaching my full potential would have me as a forensic pathologist. I am capable of achieving balance between all aspects of my life allowing me to reach a sense of balance and lack of stress.

Myth Seven:

Though many will not gain CEO status, that doesn’t mean that one should give up leading altogether. Though not a CEO, one leads in many aspects of their life. Parents lead their kids and influence their beliefs and behavior. People lead friends by helping them to problem solve and work through issues. People can lead others by being positive role models. You don’t have to be a CEO to lead a person. You may be leading someone without even knowing by being an inspiration or positive influence. Embrace that you can lead people even from a lower position.

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