Humanity’s Journey: Both Physical and Not

Humanity has had quite a journey, and it’s not even close to being over. Physically, we started out, where, in Europe? Christopher Columbus journeyed here and took over the native people that were here. We have gone from a monarchy to a democracy to monarchy…. now some places are under one form of government with others under another. Humanity has experienced empires, both formal and informal, like the Hans Chinese Empire; as well as superpowers like the Russia and the American Empires.

Psychologically, we have started to accept all types of people. Women and people of colour have the right to vote and people have started to accept homosexuality as being a way of life and not a choice. Our mentality is forever changing and improving; for example, we have come to realise the world is not flat and is actually round. We now know that the planets don’t revolve around the earth, but rather the sun. We realize that we aren’t the center of the universe, but we could be. Who knows?

The thing is, we don’t. We don’t know a lot of things still, and there are many issues where we actually have an abundance of things that we can improve on. Our world is constantly evolving and us with it. Where may we be in 3, 5, 10 years?

How much of space will we have explored? Is it really the final frontier, or will we find a new frontier for us to explore. Maybe, we will have found another planet capable of sustaining human life. We could be living on another planet in 10 years, or at least travelling to it. Could we devise a new type of government in the next few years? If so, we could have a government that is neither a democracy or a monarchy.

As far as mentalities go, I hope that we will continue to progress in our acceptance of all of humanity, whether a person is male, female, transgender, gay, straight, asexual, black, white, Asian, etc. I hope that we will continue to improve on equality and fairness between people and that we will let go of discriminatory behavior.

And of course, there are always discoveries that we cannot predict happening. For example, just today, scientists announced that in as little as 2 years, it may be possible for same-sex couple to be able to have biological children together. (For more information, click here.)

The only thing that we can say about where we are going is that we are going forward. It is like walking with a blindfold on. We can’t see if we are going to be hit by a huge obstacle or if we are going to fall into a deep pit. We can try to make it so we don’t crash and burn by planning, as if holding our hands out in front of us to feel what’s coming; we can take it slow, try to figure out what will happen before it does, like finding the ground before transferring our weight forwards. But in reality, we aren’t going to know what’s ahead of us until we move forwards.

We are going forwards.

Troubled Meetings | In-Depth #4

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to talk with my mentor since my last blog post.

Daria and I both have quite busy schedules causing us to maybe only Skype once every two weeks.  Even when we do Skype, our conversations only seem to last 20 minutes at most.  While many started in-depth with their mentor meetings having only the mentor talking and the student listening, Daria and I have never been like that. All of our meetings so far have had me asking her questions and Daria answering them, no more, no less. We have yet to even meet in person. While I understand that Daria may not understand that she can teach me things that I haven’t even considered asking, I also understand that YouTube is a very personal art and there are not many past logistics that can be taught as most YouTube skills are personal and can therefore only be learned through personal experience and observation. None the less, I am considering looking for an additional mentor to maybe lessen any pressure that Daria may be feeling as well as to get another opinion. I know that this isn’t really related to Ms. Mulder’s post however it is the best I feel I can do given the situation. I am open to others opinions on how to move forward from here.

Learning More | In-Depth #3

With each passing week, I’m learning more from my mentor as well as from my own experiences. This week, we talked about lighting and content, as well as framing and common mistakes.

I learned that I definitely need better lighting. I asked her about what she did for her lighting and she helped me to figure out what I could do lighting-wise.

While talking about content, it came up that we both were at We Day this year. We talked a bit about that as well as things she was considering while filming that video. We also were talking about the filters we both have while filming. She has no filter; I, on the other hand, have a big filter. Moving forward, I will try to filter myself less as speaking her mind is what helped Daria become so popular; however, I will not take it away completely as I feel that will not be comfortable for me.

Framing is something I must work on as well. Having a wide background is apparently distracting. That makes sense as people may concentrate more on trying to figure out what’s behind me as opposed to what I’m saying.

Common mistakes that Daria made as a beginner included not looking at the camera and changing her tone. After asking for further clarification, she explained that it is important to look at your lens instead of a monitor. For tone, she meant for me to make sure I’m not changing my volume to much or it will be hard to edit.

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February is here and with the coming of the first comes my schedule for the month ahead. Without further ado, my February videos are:

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