Learning More | In-Depth #3

With each passing week, I’m learning more from my mentor as well as from my own experiences. This week, we talked about lighting and content, as well as framing and common mistakes.

I learned that I definitely need better lighting. I asked her about what she did for her lighting and she helped me to figure out what I could do lighting-wise.

While talking about content, it came up that we both were at We Day this year. We talked a bit about that as well as things she was considering while filming that video. We also were talking about the filters we both have while filming. She has no filter; I, on the other hand, have a big filter. Moving forward, I will try to filter myself less as speaking her mind is what helped Daria become so popular; however, I will not take it away completely as I feel that will not be comfortable for me.

Framing is something I must work on as well. Having a wide background is apparently distracting. That makes sense as people may concentrate more on trying to figure out what’s behind me as opposed to what I’m saying.

Common mistakes that Daria made as a beginner included not looking at the camera and changing her tone. After asking for further clarification, she explained that it is important to look at your lens instead of a monitor. For tone, she meant for me to make sure I’m not changing my volume to much or it will be hard to edit.

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I have a new video coming tonight so watch for it.

I have to go make a twitter account/facebook page to help with promotion.


2 thoughts on “Learning More | In-Depth #3”

  1. What took Daria to We Day last October? She is providing excellent feedback based on your first youtube posting! I look forward to seeing and hearing how you incorporated her feedback in the next one.

    1. Daria volunteered to fill empty seats and went with her friend. I film my videos a few weeks ahead so it may take a week or two but I’m definitely putting her ideas to use soon.

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