Troubled Meetings | In-Depth #4

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to talk with my mentor since my last blog post.

Daria and I both have quite busy schedules causing us to maybe only Skype once every two weeks.  Even when we do Skype, our conversations only seem to last 20 minutes at most.  While many started in-depth with their mentor meetings having only the mentor talking and the student listening, Daria and I have never been like that. All of our meetings so far have had me asking her questions and Daria answering them, no more, no less. We have yet to even meet in person. While I understand that Daria may not understand that she can teach me things that I haven’t even considered asking, I also understand that YouTube is a very personal art and there are not many past logistics that can be taught as most YouTube skills are personal and can therefore only be learned through personal experience and observation. None the less, I am considering looking for an additional mentor to maybe lessen any pressure that Daria may be feeling as well as to get another opinion. I know that this isn’t really related to Ms. Mulder’s post however it is the best I feel I can do given the situation. I am open to others opinions on how to move forward from here.

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