Ends of My Days


Tân’si. Bonjour. Hello.

It has been a year since Lord Durham gave his report and the Act of Union was implemented. Because of the act, English is the only official language.

After marrying a French Canadian, French became my second language after Cree. After having nitânis, I learned the Métis language that was created by her and her generation. We travelled until I was 50, then we settled down and I started working at a trade post. During the next 3 years, I did most of my work in French. I had picked up some English, but it was a complicated language. Now, I need to do all of my work in English, yet another language for me to learn. It’s a wonder that they don’t start blurring together.

The past year has been a pain, trying to keep up with my work as well as learn this new language. It’s insulting that they expect us all to conform to these new language rules, especially when majority of Lower East Canada speaks French. Many people see me as an old doddery Cree woman who should have died years ago and is trying to stick to ” the old ways” but the French deserve to speak their own language as much as the English. Anyways, this “doddery woman” should go and try to learn more English. Maybe I’ll soon be able to work without a translator.

Kîhtwâm ka-wâpamitin. Au revoir. Good bye.



Tân’si. Bonjour. Hello.

I have lived many years and I believe my time is drawing to a close. At 62 years of age, it is safe to say that I’ve experienced most of what life has to offer.

2 years ago, French was accepted as a national language because of all the protests from Quebec. It took them long enough. I’m sad my husband didn’t live to see that happen. He died in ’46.

I’m happy that trades with England through the Hudson’s Bay Co stayed up and strong after the Act of Union.

During my year, I’ve really noticed how the fur trade has changed t.he way the Cree live. The native people no longer hunt for our food, we don’t have the time. We are dependant on the Europeans. The animal populations are also suffering because of all the surplus hunting.

I hope that things work themselves out, I will not spend my last days worrying about things out of my control.

I must go. I wish to spend time with nitânis and the rest of her family before I am gone.

Kîhtwâm ka-wâpamitin. Au revoir. Good bye.

Rosalie L’Hirondelle dit Mistawasis died in the year 1851

Back after Break | In-Depth #6

Well hello everyone, we are back! School was on break, then my laptop was on break causing my channel to be on break…. But now! Breaks are done; let’s get back to work.

This post, we are to talk about concepts and alternatives. This is cool for me because I have had two mentors so I have that “alternate mentor perspective”. I predict that this post will turn into a documented collection and analysis of what I have learned so far.

Concept #1: Editing

When Daria was mentoring me, we didn’t often talk about editing. We talked briefly about editing programs where she recommended Windows Movie Maker for beginners and PC. I have learned that while it allows me to do what I want for now, it limits my expansion of techniques as well as my ability in that the program itself doesn’t have a lot of editing capability past cutting and adding clips.

With Jess, the only thing we’ve talked about so far is editing. She is showing me around Adobe Premiere Pro which has a lot more creative editing freedom. It has quite a few more functions that I hope to utilise in future videos.

Concept #2: Content

While I haven’t talked to Jess yet about content; I hope to do that soon. I hope to learn about alternate ways of shooting videos, different techniques to employ when setting up equipment and filming, as well as how to create ideas for content.

Daria’s advice for setting up equipment was to have good lighting and, if I feel it’s needed, an external mic. While right now I tend to shoot in natural daylight, I do plan on bringing a light into my room. I don’t feel as though I require an external mic for what I’m doing considering I am close to the camera and it is stationary. As far as ideas go, she told me to look for inspiration everywhere and to keep a notebook with me in case an idea ever strikes me so that I can write it down.

Those are the two main concepts that YouTube seems to have. Now that we’ve reached the half way point, I have to say that I feel that I’ve learned a lot. I can edit videos quite quickly, I have a Facebook Page that I update, I’ve gained subscribers and I have been consistent with having new ideas. I still want to work on raising audience interaction and gain a bigger viewer group. I am thinking of possible making my own music track for the background music in my videos however I don’t know how good I’ll be at that and I don’t really think that that is part of the “YouTube process” so to speak.

I believe that’s everything for now. Don’t forget to check out my channel, I post new videos every weekend.


New Videos

Hey everyone. Guess what? Over the weekend I uploaded two new videos. You should go check them out. I am also uploading a video at this very moment with a bunch of pictures from my Cuba trip. *Sigh* the stories I could tell from that trip…. Head on over to my channel and watch the videos. Tell me what you think! I never seem to hear a lot. Let me know if there are any videos you want to see me do.

Laptop’s Back!

Hey! I’m back! And so is my laptop. For those who didn’t see my last video, my laptop crashed and stuff. But its back now and I’m editing videos as fast as I can to get them up for you. The issue is: I leave on vacation (again) tomorrow and I don’t know if I will have internet when I am there. Keep an eye out for videos, there should me 3 up in the next week!

Documenting Travels


Tân’si. Bonjour. Hello

While Cree people believe in passing on their stories orally, there are not many Cree’s that I encounter that don’t know my stories. Therefore, my husband, Jean-Paul, has encouraged me to start writing down my stories, to both document my stories and help improve my writing. My daughter Sophie, or nitânis, was also encouraged to do this, I hope she will. It will be good for her to practice her writing and French if she wants to work at the trading company.

I guess with this being the start , I should catch you up on my life so far.

I was born in 1788, at a reserve just south of the Hudson’s Bay, where I was given the name Mistawasis. I went to school, played with dolls, and did chores around the reserve, just like every other Cree child there. I sometimes went on trips with nikâwiy and nohtâwiy, my mother and father. I loved those trips where nohtâwiy would teach me about hunting, and tracking, and nikâwiy would teach me about the plants that could be found in different areas. Because we lived so close to where the Hudson’s Bay Company was situated, it was common for the elders on the reserve to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company. We helped the Europeans hunt and we would help guide them  when they travelled to trading posts.

When I was 15, I was offered as wife to a French tradesman named Jean-Paul.  When I married him, I took on a French name, Rosalie L’Hirondelle, as was accustomed for us. I travelled with him, sewing and patching clothes, making him food. Because of those trips I went on when I was younger, I knew the land better than the traders most times. In 1805 , I had nitânis, my daughter. I had her while we were travelling back from York Factory to Fort Rupert, where we lived.

We spent a couple of years travelling from fort to fort, trading within the company and helping transport goods and information.

In spring of 1812, Jean-Paul was assigned to accompany the Coureurs des Bois back to England and France. Sophie and I went with him. There was another tradesman there that started teaching Sophie how to write common letters. I often listened along as I hadn’t ever properly learned. It kept us entertained for those long 8 months. When we came back to the fort, we heard news of the war of 1812. I was shocked that the Americans were trying to take Canada and that they thought that Canada would surrender easily.

There was much fighting between the Americans, the British and the French. The French and British ended up working together to defend the boarder and took Detroit, which they then gave back. The war ended in 1814 when the Treaty of Ghent was signed. I’m so glad that that is over.

And now it is 1820. The Hudson’s Bay fur traders are still going strong however we are often competing with the Northwest Company. Things are getting serious as far as rivalries go, I hope everything resolves itself. Nitânis still travels with Jean-Paul and I but she also works at one of the trading posts whenever we aren’t travelling. She definitely has a different life than I did growing up, but she’s first generation Métis so that is to be expected.

We are moving on so I must stop writing. I think I may continue with this, it helps me to understand this language so much more.

Kîhtwâm ka-wâpamitin. Au revoir. Good bye.

New Mentoring | In-Depth #5

Hell everyone! If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you will know that I have gotten a new mentor. As it was our first time meeting, I didn’t record any of the conversation however I remember the parts of the conversation well.

We started by going to Mr. Udell’s room, where she showed me Adobe Premiere Pro. We spent a lot of this meeting wearing “white hats”. She showed me how to cut clips, change volumes, and render and export files. I then asked her about adding in additional files, as well as brightening files and adding music. She showed me how I would do that with this program.

I then put my green hat on, which allowed me to start thinking about videos that I would do in the future and things that I would want to do in those videos. This lead to my white hat me asking about colour filters, adding photos and adding text. She also taught me about locking files and showed me a couple different ways to split and cut clips.

Jess then moved over and I started editing my video, letting me put my newly learned skills to use and wore my green hat proudly. Jess mainly sat back and watched, being there only if I needed her. She helped me render my files as I couldn’t find the render button.

Reviewing the conversation as a whole, I think my black hat was always there, assisting my white hat and sorting information, the whole time.

My blue hat was working overtime, trying to figure out if I could wear multiple hats at once and prioritizing hats when I couldn’t.

I didn’t see my red and yellow hats a lot, if at all. Clearly my blue hat didn’t see them as a high priority or as having valuable input for my brain. Bossy blue hat!

I guess my yellow hat did get a little input. I think it mostly helped the black hat to find the value and importance of the information I was taking in.

During our next session, I need to remember to ask Jess about animations and transitions. I hope that I will be able to get Premiere Pro for myself and that I will be able to edit future videos with this program.

That’s all for this week. There will be a little video tomorrow talking about computer troubles and then I’m off to Cuba! There won’t be a video the following week, but I will try to get back on track ASAP!

Thanks, BYE!


The War of 1812: The Only War in Which Canada was Attacked (I think)

‘Initially, much of the war consisted of America’s attempts to take Canada, which ay map will show you went smashingly. Americans were confident that the Canadians would rush to join the U.S.; when marching from Detroit, General William Hull informed the Canadians that “You will be emancipated from Tyranny and oppression and restored to the dignified station of free men.” And the Canadians were like, ” Yeah, we’re okay actually,” and so the British in Canada, with their Indian allies, went ahead and captured Detroit and then forced Hull’s surrender.’

John Green, Crash Course, The War of 1812

I chose this quote because I was fascinated about how confident America was in taking Canada, when in reality, they had no reason to be confident at all.

Throughout the video, I gained the impression that the Americans believe that they won the war, when they didn’t and Canada actually gave them back Detroit. This interested me because it showed me how much perspective changes our perception.

This can relate to what I was talking  about in my last Socials post about our mentality and its development. By taking note of different perspectives, we become more aware of others mentalities, therefore leading us to develop our own.

Another thing that can relate is my brief comments on empires. During the war of 1812, it could be safe to say that Canada and the British were an empire while America was another.

Now, this video doesn’t do an amazing job; however, it could help us to gain some incite on section C2 of the Grade 10 Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs). While I still don’t know exactly who was involved in the Confederation, this war, and the interactions between Canada, Britain, and America, could have influenced the opinions of the people involved in establishing the Confederation. This, therefore, may have lead to outcomes of the Confederation being different than they would have been, were the war not to happen.


New video went up yesterday! How to get your splits:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FcYtvmsQqk
Also, with it being March, it’s time for the March Schedule!
7th: Travelling my Books
14th: Life Hacks
21st: Synthetic Photo Shoot Magic
28th: Fears

If any of you have any videos that you want me to do, comment below. I’m always looking for more ideas!

Another announcement: I have a new mentor. Her name is Jess Stewart-Lee and she is also mentoring Natalie Rosner. We meet for the first time this Wednesday, just in time for the blog post. I can’t wait!