The War of 1812: The Only War in Which Canada was Attacked (I think)

‘Initially, much of the war consisted of America’s attempts to take Canada, which ay map will show you went smashingly. Americans were confident that the Canadians would rush to join the U.S.; when marching from Detroit, General William Hull informed the Canadians that “You will be emancipated from Tyranny and oppression and restored to the dignified station of free men.” And the Canadians were like, ” Yeah, we’re okay actually,” and so the British in Canada, with their Indian allies, went ahead and captured Detroit and then forced Hull’s surrender.’

John Green, Crash Course, The War of 1812

I chose this quote because I was fascinated about how confident America was in taking Canada, when in reality, they had no reason to be confident at all.

Throughout the video, I gained the impression that the Americans believe that they won the war, when they didn’t and Canada actually gave them back Detroit. This interested me because it showed me how much perspective changes our perception.

This can relate to what I was talking  about in my last Socials post about our mentality and its development. By taking note of different perspectives, we become more aware of others mentalities, therefore leading us to develop our own.

Another thing that can relate is my brief comments on empires. During the war of 1812, it could be safe to say that Canada and the British were an empire while America was another.

Now, this video doesn’t do an amazing job; however, it could help us to gain some incite on section C2 of the Grade 10 Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs). While I still don’t know exactly who was involved in the Confederation, this war, and the interactions between Canada, Britain, and America, could have influenced the opinions of the people involved in establishing the Confederation. This, therefore, may have lead to outcomes of the Confederation being different than they would have been, were the war not to happen.

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