Back after Break | In-Depth #6

Well hello everyone, we are back! School was on break, then my laptop was on break causing my channel to be on break…. But now! Breaks are done; let’s get back to work.

This post, we are to talk about concepts and alternatives. This is cool for me because I have had two mentors so I have that “alternate mentor perspective”. I predict that this post will turn into a documented collection and analysis of what I have learned so far.

Concept #1: Editing

When Daria was mentoring me, we didn’t often talk about editing. We talked briefly about editing programs where she recommended Windows Movie Maker for beginners and PC. I have learned that while it allows me to do what I want for now, it limits my expansion of techniques as well as my ability in that the program itself doesn’t have a┬álot of editing capability past cutting and adding clips.

With Jess, the only thing we’ve talked about so far is editing. She is showing me around Adobe Premiere Pro which has a lot more creative editing freedom. It has quite a few more functions that I hope to utilise in future videos.

Concept #2: Content

While I haven’t talked to Jess yet about content; I hope to do that soon. I hope to learn about alternate ways of shooting videos, different techniques to employ when setting up equipment and filming, as well as how to create ideas for content.

Daria’s advice for setting up equipment was to have good lighting and, if I feel it’s needed, an external mic. While right now I tend to shoot in natural daylight, I do plan on bringing a light into my room. I don’t feel as though I require an external mic for what I’m doing considering I am close to the camera and it is stationary. As far as ideas go, she told me to look for inspiration everywhere and to keep a notebook with me in case an idea ever strikes me so that I can write it down.

Those are the two main concepts that YouTube seems to have. Now that we’ve reached the half way point, I have to say that I feel that I’ve learned a lot. I can edit videos quite quickly, I have a Facebook Page that I update, I’ve gained subscribers and I have been consistent with having new ideas. I still want to work on raising audience interaction and gain a bigger viewer group. I am thinking of possible making my own music track for the background music in my videos however I don’t know how good I’ll be at that and I don’t really think that that is part of the “YouTube process” so to speak.

I believe that’s everything for now. Don’t forget to check out my channel, I post new videos every weekend.


2 thoughts on “Back after Break | In-Depth #6”

  1. Jess has been a great mentor for current TALONS. I am so pleased to see that past TALONS are sharing their wealth of skills and knowledge with current TALONS learners. I will remember to check out your channel. I used to be sent an e-mail when a new one was posted. Not sure why those e-mails stopped.

    1. I know for me I usually only get emails from youtube every week and a bit. That email contains all the videos that were uploaded in that time frame by people I’m subscribed to. I don’t get an email every time a video’s uploaded.

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