The End is Near | In-Depth #7/8

Wow, I can’t believe that in less than a month in-depth night will be upon us and this experience will be over, at least academically. I didn’t realize that we were so close to the finish until Ms. Mulder told us that this was the last post. I suppose I should get started on my final video for in-depth night….. Anyways, back to the task at hand.


Sharing Feelings:

For my previous meeting with Jess, she came to tell me about a project that Mr. Udell had given to her. She asked me if I wanted to help her with it. We both seemed very excited about the opportunity and I quickly told her that I’d love to help on the documentary-style project. She went on to say that she would CC me on any emails she had relating to the project. I honestly can’t wait to learn more information on this filming opportunity. The prospect of the project and new type of task seems thrilling if a little daunting but I can tell it will be an awesome learning experience. I think Jess thinks so as well. We both seem to be really interested in what this project could entail and I look forward to knowing more.

During the meeting previous to that one, we talked about video concepts and finding inspiration. By the end of that conversation, we were both relating and reflecting on times when we were stuck without ideas, causing us, or me at least, to feel unity between us as we discussed this topic we both deemed relatable. It took any awkwardness away and the discussion seemed comfortable.

In the first conversation I mentioned, we expressed excitement through verbal statements like “That’s awesome!” and “Seems really cool!”; whereas, with my second conversation, emotions were shared through a known common understanding of the topic as well as body language such as laughing or smiling knowingly. There was an air of familiarity not commonly present in our conversations, a feeling two individuals feel when they share a common state of mind and understanding of a topic.



When Jess and I meet up, it is uncommon for us to be alone in a room. This of course leads to distractions and diversions being a common occurrence. For example; there was one meeting that we had after a Me to We meeting had finished. Kim came up to us to ask me and Jess a question. Our conversation quickly derailed and we were soon discussing a topic for Me to We. When that train of thought was done however, it merely took one of us (I can’t remember who) saying “Where were we? Ah, right,” to get us back on track. The conversation returned to its previous state almost seamlessly; it was almost as if the other conversation had not occurred at all.

I guess that’s it. Well, I’ll still be posting about all my new videos (when I remember…. oops). Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out my channel here. I always love to get comments, video ideas, etc. Until next time, bye!

Socials Mid-Term

We have reached confederation! During the first half of the term, the class studied the confederation through a role play scenario where we took on characters from different social classes (i.e. The English, The French, The Natives).  Role play activities ranged from twitter debates to in-class debates, from read packages to writing proposals. Through these activities, I fulfilled multiple Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) while still falling short on some as well. There were three PLOs that I believe I completed well: B1, B2, and C1. Three PLOs I feel I could have done more with were B3, B4 and C2.

Multiple PLOs were fairly easy to complete because of my character: Rosalie L’Hirondelle. Rosalie was not a real person, leading me to do quite a bit of personal researching on the topic of Aboriginals and, more specifically, Aboriginal Women and their involvement in the fur trade. While constructing Rosalie, I developed a strong understanding of Aboriginals involvements in the trading companies as well as the women’s involvement with the French Canadians. I researched about how Aboriginals and their knowledge of the land helped the development of Canada. This is proof of B2.

After developing and researching our characters, we shared our characters within our quads and learned about everyone else’s roles. It was during that conversation that I meet B1. Within the conversation, I learned about the impact of the railway as well as the perspective of a African-American slave refugee. I compared the roles of myself with other Aboriginals, English politicians, slave refugees and French common folk.

The readings provided by Mr. Jackson also helped with understanding PLOs, like C1 for example. At the beginning of the unit we were given a package with the title “Towards Confederation”. Within the package, it depicted the causes of the 1837-38 rebellions; such as land claim, religious favoritism, and political support, as well as its consequences; like the Durham Report and the Act of Union. It gave me knowledge that I would require to be able to describe the events that occurred and what the Durham Report and the Act of Union pertained to.

Of course it would be unreasonable to say that I completed all the PLOs perfectly. PLO B3 was addressed during one of the packages. We read the package; however, I didn’t retain the information. In future, I need to work on retaining the information that I read about as not to forget about important influences on Canada’s society like immigration.

Just like B3, C2 had a package that addressed the PLO. And while I read this package, I have found that I read it because it was homework and not because I was expanding my knowledge. I need to focus more on working to learn the information in packages as opposed to skimming paragraphs to say I’ve read them.

During the role-plays, there were multiple French and English interactions that were witnessed by everyone that hinted at factors that contributed to the changing identity of Canada; however, being an aboriginal, I had a withdrawn view of these interactions Because of this, my knowledge of B4 is limited. In future role-plays, it would be beneficial for me to do extra research in order to gain more knowledge about PLOs that don’t directly affect my character.

In conclusion, I completed multiple PLOs while there were still multiple I could have done more on. Most of the PLOs that I obtained were done so through exploring my character. The most beneficial step to take in future socials classes and units would be to work harder to learn and retain information given through reading packages.

Twitter Interactions

Many of my interactions were with either Tecumseh or John A. Macdonald. John and I had some long arguments.

I feel I had some good points:


My conversations with Mr. Macdonald were short; however there were multiple. Example 1,  Example 2, Example 3

My talks with Tecumseh were few, but I always loved what he had to say.

For more conversations, look at my timeline.

Rosalie’s Final Address

History, see me as someone who took what life gave her and made opportunities out of it. All my life, I was given the short stick and yet, here I am, with a natural death that followed a happy life. I was an aboriginal woman, the minority of the minority, who was given away like a prize to a French fur trader. Still, I made opportunities. I learned French, had a daughter, and got involved in the fur trade. I developed a strong relationship with my husband, and he often was willing to give me a voice by raising opinions on my behalf. Yet I still fought this oppressive society. When I was very old, English became the only official language. Do you know hard it is to attempt to learn yet another language while brushing death? Not knowing English put me at even more of a disadvantage than I was before. Just before I died, French became an official language. What a happy day! I was finally gaining advantages in this society! But now what is this I hear, an aboriginal nation impossible? Why is this true? I hear that the votes were not outrageously outbalanced, we only needed six more votes. Though if you think about it, the teams were not exactly fair. Sometimes I wonder if those in the majority like having minorities, I mean, how do you expect us to vote and become equal, if being a minority makes us more likely to be outvoted?

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Twitter Conversations


A new month is upon us, and with it, more videos! This month, I’m trying some new styles, including vlogging and visual components. I also may have a guest, don’t know for sure yet….

April 4th: Fan Expo Vlog

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