Rosalie’s Final Address

History, see me as someone who took what life gave her and made opportunities out of it. All my life, I was given the short stick and yet, here I am, with a natural death that followed a happy life. I was an aboriginal woman, the minority of the minority, who was given away like a prize to a French fur trader. Still, I made opportunities. I learned French, had a daughter, and got involved in the fur trade. I developed a strong relationship with my husband, and he often was willing to give me a voice by raising opinions on my behalf. Yet I still fought this oppressive society. When I was very old, English became the only official language. Do you know hard it is to attempt to learn yet another language while brushing death? Not knowing English put me at even more of a disadvantage than I was before. Just before I died, French became an official language. What a happy day! I was finally gaining advantages in this society! But now what is this I hear, an aboriginal nation impossible? Why is this true? I hear that the votes were not outrageously outbalanced, we only needed six more votes. Though if you think about it, the teams were not exactly fair. Sometimes I wonder if those in the majority like having minorities, I mean, how do you expect us to vote and become equal, if being a minority makes us more likely to be outvoted?

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