Socials Mid-Term

We have reached confederation! During the first half of the term, the class studied the confederation through a role play scenario where we took on characters from different social classes (i.e. The English, The French, The Natives).  Role play activities ranged from twitter debates to in-class debates, from read packages to writing proposals. Through these activities, I fulfilled multiple Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) while still falling short on some as well. There were three PLOs that I believe I completed well: B1, B2, and C1. Three PLOs I feel I could have done more with were B3, B4 and C2.

Multiple PLOs were fairly easy to complete because of my character: Rosalie L’Hirondelle. Rosalie was not a real person, leading me to do quite a bit of personal researching on the topic of Aboriginals and, more specifically, Aboriginal Women and their involvement in the fur trade. While constructing Rosalie, I developed a strong understanding of Aboriginals involvements in the trading companies as well as the women’s involvement with the French Canadians. I researched about how Aboriginals and their knowledge of the land helped the development of Canada. This is proof of B2.

After developing and researching our characters, we shared our characters within our quads and learned about everyone else’s roles. It was during that conversation that I meet B1. Within the conversation, I learned about the impact of the railway as well as the perspective of a African-American slave refugee. I compared the roles of myself with other Aboriginals, English politicians, slave refugees and French common folk.

The readings provided by Mr. Jackson also helped with understanding PLOs, like C1 for example. At the beginning of the unit we were given a package with the title “Towards Confederation”. Within the package, it depicted the causes of the 1837-38 rebellions; such as land claim, religious favoritism, and political support, as well as its consequences; like the Durham Report and the Act of Union. It gave me knowledge that I would require to be able to describe the events that occurred and what the Durham Report and the Act of Union pertained to.

Of course it would be unreasonable to say that I completed all the PLOs perfectly. PLO B3 was addressed during one of the packages. We read the package; however, I didn’t retain the information. In future, I need to work on retaining the information that I read about as not to forget about important influences on Canada’s society like immigration.

Just like B3, C2 had a package that addressed the PLO. And while I read this package, I have found that I read it because it was homework and not because I was expanding my knowledge. I need to focus more on working to learn the information in packages as opposed to skimming paragraphs to say I’ve read them.

During the role-plays, there were multiple French and English interactions that were witnessed by everyone that hinted at factors that contributed to the changing identity of Canada; however, being an aboriginal, I had a withdrawn view of these interactions Because of this, my knowledge of B4 is limited. In future role-plays, it would be beneficial for me to do extra research in order to gain more knowledge about PLOs that don’t directly affect my character.

In conclusion, I completed multiple PLOs while there were still multiple I could have done more on. Most of the PLOs that I obtained were done so through exploring my character. The most beneficial step to take in future socials classes and units would be to work harder to learn and retain information given through reading packages.

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