Here Comes Election Day!

I am not good at politics. I find it confusing and never seem to be able to keep the terms straight. I used to also find them really boring, most likely because of that lack of understanding. That being said, I am starting to understand how everything works. Class taught me a lot, however it really was my classmates, in between lessons, re-explaining terms and concepts that helped me through with concepts sticking. Now that things make sense, I actually am really interested in what the parties are saying and proposing are the best courses of action. I like that I’ve started to see things I support within party platforms.

One narrative I really care about is geography, more specifically the environment and what we should be doing about it. I feel that we as a community are not caring enough about what we are doing to our Earth, an Earth that is supposed to last a lot longer than it will if we continue the way we are. We need to start looking more into clean energy as well as renewable resources. We need to start lowering our carbon output and work to lessen the amount of fossil fuels that we are burning.

A party that is really behind this is the Green Party. In their campaign, the Green Party talks about cutting the use of coal to make energy, therefore lessening the amount of carbon being released into the environment through burning. They also talk about working to lower our green-house gas emissions. While there are parts of their campaign, like the carbon pricing, I don’t completely understand, they seem to be the only party that cares about what type of Earth we are leaving behind for our future generations.

Another thing I care about is rights and recognition to people with mental illnesses. Should someone with a mental illness commit a crime because of said illness, I believe that instead of being put in solitary confinement, they should be given the chance to go to a mental institution to better themselves and lower the chances of reoffending. I also believe that us as a society need to work to rid the stigma mental illness has developed. We need to start recognising it as an actually illness, as legitimate as any sickness or injury.

While mental illness is not a priority for any party, many parties have statements on the topic. Here is a website where an interviewer sent questions regarding mental illness and how the parties plan to address the topic (3rd position paper down). The Green Party agree that mental illness is something we need to look into more and that we need to improve the amount of support people with mental illnesses get. The Liberals are in high support of giving attention to mental illness. They state that they “firmly believe that all Canadians must receive equal treatment regardless of the type of illness with which they are afflicted”. Due to an error on the website, the NDP’s response is unavailable. The Conservative Party did not directly answer the questions asked and instead directed the interviewer to view their party platform. As they did not wish to answer the questions, I am not lead to believe that their efforts are in the best interest of the people with mental illnesses.

While I am still learning of the platforms that the parties are proposing and though I am not old enough to vote, I am happy to know there are government parties that support things I believe we should be fighting for.

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