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How is it May already?

Now I know my schedule should have been up yesterday but I was at a dance competition until late last night. I know…. not an excuse…. but fear not! A schedule you shall have!

May 2 (today!!) : How to Organize

9: What and How to Pack For an Adventure Trip

16: Reacting to Old Photos

23: My In-Depth Night Video

30: Welcome to In-Depth

Now, as I hinted, I am uploading a video RIGHT NOW so make sure you keep an eye on my channel as it will be going up.

Have a wonderful day. Bye!

The End is Near | In-Depth #7/8

Wow, I can’t believe that in less than a month in-depth night will be upon us and this experience will be over, at least academically. I didn’t realize that we were so close to the finish until Ms. Mulder told us that this was the last post. I suppose I should get started on my final video for in-depth night….. Anyways, back to the task at hand.


Sharing Feelings:

For my previous meeting with Jess, she came to tell me about a project that Mr. Udell had given to her. She asked me if I wanted to help her with it. We both seemed very excited about the opportunity and I quickly told her that I’d love to help on the documentary-style project. She went on to say that she would CC me on any emails she had relating to the project. I honestly can’t wait to learn more information on this filming opportunity. The prospect of the project and new type of task seems thrilling if a little daunting but I can tell it will be an awesome learning experience. I think Jess thinks so as well. We both seem to be really interested in what this project could entail and I look forward to knowing more.

During the meeting previous to that one, we talked about video concepts and finding inspiration. By the end of that conversation, we were both relating and reflecting on times when we were stuck without ideas, causing us, or me at least, to feel unity between us as we discussed this topic we both deemed relatable. It took any awkwardness away and the discussion seemed comfortable.

In the first conversation I mentioned, we expressed excitement through verbal statements like “That’s awesome!” and “Seems really cool!”; whereas, with my second conversation, emotions were shared through a known common understanding of the topic as well as body language such as laughing or smiling knowingly. There was an air of familiarity not commonly present in our conversations, a feeling two individuals feel when they share a common state of mind and understanding of a topic.



When Jess and I meet up, it is uncommon for us to be alone in a room. This of course leads to distractions and diversions being a common occurrence. For example; there was one meeting that we had after a Me to We meeting had finished. Kim came up to us to ask me and Jess a question. Our conversation quickly derailed and we were soon discussing a topic for Me to We. When that train of thought was done however, it merely took one of us (I can’t remember who) saying “Where were we? Ah, right,” to get us back on track. The conversation returned to its previous state almost seamlessly; it was almost as if the other conversation had not occurred at all.

I guess that’s it. Well, I’ll still be posting about all my new videos (when I remember…. oops). Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out my channel here. I always love to get comments, video ideas, etc. Until next time, bye!


A new month is upon us, and with it, more videos! This month, I’m trying some new styles, including vlogging and visual components. I also may have a guest, don’t know for sure yet….

April 4th: Fan Expo Vlog

April 11th: Memory Lane

April 18th: Places to Travel

April 25th: What to do when you’re bored

Make sure you watch out for these videos. Bye!

Back after Break | In-Depth #6

Well hello everyone, we are back! School was on break, then my laptop was on break causing my channel to be on break…. But now! Breaks are done; let’s get back to work.

This post, we are to talk about concepts and alternatives. This is cool for me because I have had two mentors so I have that “alternate mentor perspective”. I predict that this post will turn into a documented collection and analysis of what I have learned so far.

Concept #1: Editing

When Daria was mentoring me, we didn’t often talk about editing. We talked briefly about editing programs where she recommended Windows Movie Maker for beginners and PC. I have learned that while it allows me to do what I want for now, it limits my expansion of techniques as well as my ability in that the program itself doesn’t have a lot of editing capability past cutting and adding clips.

With Jess, the only thing we’ve talked about so far is editing. She is showing me around Adobe Premiere Pro which has a lot more creative editing freedom. It has quite a few more functions that I hope to utilise in future videos.

Concept #2: Content

While I haven’t talked to Jess yet about content; I hope to do that soon. I hope to learn about alternate ways of shooting videos, different techniques to employ when setting up equipment and filming, as well as how to create ideas for content.

Daria’s advice for setting up equipment was to have good lighting and, if I feel it’s needed, an external mic. While right now I tend to shoot in natural daylight, I do plan on bringing a light into my room. I don’t feel as though I require an external mic for what I’m doing considering I am close to the camera and it is stationary. As far as ideas go, she told me to look for inspiration everywhere and to keep a notebook with me in case an idea ever strikes me so that I can write it down.

Those are the two main concepts that YouTube seems to have. Now that we’ve reached the half way point, I have to say that I feel that I’ve learned a lot. I can edit videos quite quickly, I have a Facebook Page that I update, I’ve gained subscribers and I have been consistent with having new ideas. I still want to work on raising audience interaction and gain a bigger viewer group. I am thinking of possible making my own music track for the background music in my videos however I don’t know how good I’ll be at that and I don’t really think that that is part of the “YouTube process” so to speak.

I believe that’s everything for now. Don’t forget to check out my channel, I post new videos every weekend.


New Videos

Hey everyone. Guess what? Over the weekend I uploaded two new videos. You should go check them out. I am also uploading a video at this very moment with a bunch of pictures from my Cuba trip. *Sigh* the stories I could tell from that trip…. Head on over to my channel and watch the videos. Tell me what you think! I never seem to hear a lot. Let me know if there are any videos you want to see me do.

Laptop’s Back!

Hey! I’m back! And so is my laptop. For those who didn’t see my last video, my laptop crashed and stuff. But its back now and I’m editing videos as fast as I can to get them up for you. The issue is: I leave on vacation (again) tomorrow and I don’t know if I will have internet when I am there. Keep an eye out for videos, there should me 3 up in the next week!

New Mentoring | In-Depth #5

Hell everyone! If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you will know that I have gotten a new mentor. As it was our first time meeting, I didn’t record any of the conversation however I remember the parts of the conversation well.

We started by going to Mr. Udell’s room, where she showed me Adobe Premiere Pro. We spent a lot of this meeting wearing “white hats”. She showed me how to cut clips, change volumes, and render and export files. I then asked her about adding in additional files, as well as brightening files and adding music. She showed me how I would do that with this program.

I then put my green hat on, which allowed me to start thinking about videos that I would do in the future and things that I would want to do in those videos. This lead to my white hat me asking about colour filters, adding photos and adding text. She also taught me about locking files and showed me a couple different ways to split and cut clips.

Jess then moved over and I started editing my video, letting me put my newly learned skills to use and wore my green hat proudly. Jess mainly sat back and watched, being there only if I needed her. She helped me render my files as I couldn’t find the render button.

Reviewing the conversation as a whole, I think my black hat was always there, assisting my white hat and sorting information, the whole time.

My blue hat was working overtime, trying to figure out if I could wear multiple hats at once and prioritizing hats when I couldn’t.

I didn’t see my red and yellow hats a lot, if at all. Clearly my blue hat didn’t see them as a high priority or as having valuable input for my brain. Bossy blue hat!

I guess my yellow hat did get a little input. I think it mostly helped the black hat to find the value and importance of the information I was taking in.

During our next session, I need to remember to ask Jess about animations and transitions. I hope that I will be able to get Premiere Pro for myself and that I will be able to edit future videos with this program.

That’s all for this week. There will be a little video tomorrow talking about computer troubles and then I’m off to Cuba! There won’t be a video the following week, but I will try to get back on track ASAP!

Thanks, BYE!



New video went up yesterday! How to get your splits:
Also, with it being March, it’s time for the March Schedule!
7th: Travelling my Books
14th: Life Hacks
21st: Synthetic Photo Shoot Magic
28th: Fears

If any of you have any videos that you want me to do, comment below. I’m always looking for more ideas!

Another announcement: I have a new mentor. Her name is Jess Stewart-Lee and she is also mentoring Natalie Rosner. We meet for the first time this Wednesday, just in time for the blog post. I can’t wait!

Troubled Meetings | In-Depth #4

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to talk with my mentor since my last blog post.

Daria and I both have quite busy schedules causing us to maybe only Skype once every two weeks.  Even when we do Skype, our conversations only seem to last 20 minutes at most.  While many started in-depth with their mentor meetings having only the mentor talking and the student listening, Daria and I have never been like that. All of our meetings so far have had me asking her questions and Daria answering them, no more, no less. We have yet to even meet in person. While I understand that Daria may not understand that she can teach me things that I haven’t even considered asking, I also understand that YouTube is a very personal art and there are not many past logistics that can be taught as most YouTube skills are personal and can therefore only be learned through personal experience and observation. None the less, I am considering looking for an additional mentor to maybe lessen any pressure that Daria may be feeling as well as to get another opinion. I know that this isn’t really related to Ms. Mulder’s post however it is the best I feel I can do given the situation. I am open to others opinions on how to move forward from here.