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Learning More | In-Depth #3

With each passing week, I’m learning more from my mentor as well as from my own experiences. This week, we talked about lighting and content, as well as framing and common mistakes.

I learned that I definitely need better lighting. I asked her about what she did for her lighting and she helped me to figure out what I could do lighting-wise.

While talking about content, it came up that we both were at We Day this year. We talked a bit about that as well as things she was considering while filming that video. We also were talking about the filters we both have while filming. She has no filter; I, on the other hand, have a big filter. Moving forward, I will try to filter myself less as speaking her mind is what helped Daria become so popular; however, I will not take it away completely as I feel that will not be comfortable for me.

Framing is something I must work on as well. Having a wide background is apparently distracting. That makes sense as people may concentrate more on trying to figure out what’s behind me as opposed to what I’m saying.

Common mistakes that Daria made as a beginner included not looking at the camera and changing her tone. After asking for further clarification, she explained that it is important to look at your lens instead of a monitor. For tone, she meant for me to make sure I’m not changing my volume to much or it will be hard to edit.

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February is here!

February is here and with the coming of the first comes my schedule for the month ahead. Without further ado, my February videos are:

February 7th – How to be a ballerina

February 14th – OTPs | Fangirl Therapy

February 21st – Get Ready with Me : Competitions

February 28th – How to get your splits

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Talking with Daria | In-Depth # 2

Welcome into a new week of in-depth. Over the weekend I had my first conversation with Daria. We talked about editing programs, video planning and how to grow in popularity. There were many points where I agreed with her as well as points where I disagreed. I really liked the advice she gave me about how to gain popularity. She told me to include a lot of tags to raise possibility of being searched, as well as interesting titles and thumbnails to draw the attention of viewers. I also partially  agreed with her way of self promoting her videos: following people, committing to posting, and using social media to your advantage. I disagreed, however, on her suggestion to private message followers and remind them to follow. I felt that was very forward and pressuring. I understand where she’s coming from as I can see how it would be beneficial, but I would feel uncomfortable.

I liked hearing Daria’s input on how she gets inspiration. She talked about always looking for inspiration and how her videos ideas often came to her right before bed. While I don’t believe that will work for me, it was nice to hear how she experiences inspiration.

She also said that she liked to write scripts for her video. This is a personal opinion as much as it is a suggestion and this is where our opinions differ. If by scripts, she means outlines, I am totally on board with the suggestion; however, I find that scripts limit me and that if I don’t read it word for word, I am unable to complete that section of the script without restarting/re-filming.

Through our conversations, there was a lot of talk of her personal experiences and opinions, leading me to not have a lot to be able to properly disagree with. I’ve found that she is much more expressive and willing to communicate and push her content out there (a skill I hope to gain).  Her suggestions seemed reliable though and I feel that most of them are worth a shot to try out.

The Start of a New In-Depth | In-Depth # 1

In-Depth is upon us! Time to start our grand passion project. For my project, I have decided to make a YouTube vlogging channel. A vlogging channel is a channel that contains video logs as opposed to gaming, music, or education. My vlogging channel will help me with self-exploration and development creativity. It will also help me with video editing and my stage presence by giving me practice speaking to an audience (albeit an internet audience) and editing videos. I chose to create a YouTube channel not only because of the skills and confidence it will give me, but also because of the community and acceptance that YouTube creates. When people watch videos made by YouTubers that they enjoy, viewers are cheered up. I want to be that person for people.

With my channel, I will be uploading a new video every weekend. The videos will be new ideas that are entertaining. Videos will range from how tos, to daily vlogs, to discussion videos. If viewers want me to make sequels to certain videos, it will be considered. By the first of every month, I will have the video schedule for the month completed. I will posted on this blog, giving readers of my blog posts previews of videos to come. Luckily I already have most of the supplies that I need however I will probably need more SD cards to film.

I plan on getting a lot of information on how to improve my videos from my mentor, Daria Azizian. Daria is a vlogger from Vancouver. She joined YouTube on August 31, 2013 and since then has gained 912 subscribers. I will be learning from her a lot about video creation, as well as how to brainstorm ideas and make things like annotations and subscription links.

That’s about it, make sure to comment below any questions that you have for me as well as check out my channel and Daria’s channel. I will be uploading my first video on January 17.

UPDATE: My mentor used to be Monika Szucs however that no longer works out and this is my new mentor.

My channel:

Daria Azizian’s channel:

In-depth #7: On the night of the night

Hello everyone! In-depth night seems to just be just around the corner! On the night of in-depth, I will be doing a stage performance. My dance is 3 min almost exactly not including getting on and off stage. The wall on the stage will hopefully be open as well with the curtains with the black curtain pulled in front of the props. I will be playing music off my I pod hopefully through the stage speakers but if not, I have speakers of my own. I need someone to start my music, but I have already got Joanna to help me with that. As for the rest of the night, I was planning on walking around, helping with technology, assisting other learning centers if anyone needs help, visiting learning centers, and making myself available to talk to. I plan on spending the night in my costume, but may end up changing sometime during the night based on the weather. Right now, my costume is either one of Emma’s old dresses that is brown and black, or jean shorts, a black sports bra and a gold shrug top from an old costume of mine. There is a chance I will be using baby powder to help me turn during my dance. If so, I will be wiping it off the stage after stage performances have ended.


I can’t wait for In-depth night, I think it is going to be amazing!

Indepth #6: Finally done the dance!

Well hello everyone! I am so happy because my dance is finally done! Well, it still needs a few tweeks but nothing that will take too long. I’ve also started to think about costumes, hair and makeup. I’m going to have my hair down and poofed I think with kind of a neutral face for makeup. For my costume, I’m hoping to borrow from someone so I don’t have to go out and buy anything. (Costumes are crazy expensive.) I’m hoping to have a brownish-gray costume, very neutral earthy tones… But no green…

In other news, competition season has started!!! One of my favourite things about competition is that I am able to sit and watch all the different dances. At a competition, one is exposed to so many different styles because of all the different genres and all the different characters. The costumes are also fun to see!

My contemporary group "Connected" after we placed first
My contemporary group “Connected” after we placed first












Ms. Lindsay and I after my solo
Ms. Lindsay and I after my solo




It’s also really nice when Ms. Lindsay’s at the competitions. It was great because she was actually backstage with me the first time I competed my modern solo this year.









Sadly at this past competition, one of our dancers became really sick and was unable to perform. We found this out the day before we were supposed to compete. Our ballet dance was really reliant on partners and we didn’t know what we were going to do. Ms. Lindsay, being amazing, agreed to fill her spot. After about 34 hour, Ms. Lindsay had learned the 5 minute dance and performed with us on stage. She did amazing and we actually qualified for a high score round called “Peak Challenge”. Though we didn’t end up placing, it was an amazing experience that I loved sharing with my mentor.

Ms. Lindsay and I after my ballet "Conflicts of War"
Ms. Lindsay and I after my ballet “Conflicts of War”
Ms. Lindsay and I after my ballet "Conflicts of War"
Ms. Lindsay and I after my ballet “Conflicts of War”


That’s all for now, I love how well everyone’s projects are turning out and I’m excited for the final products to all be seen!


Little quick end note: Ms. Lindsay can come to Indepth night! I can’t wait!