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Charlotte Corday: The Locked Chest Mishap

December 30, 1792

So I realize that a locked chest has been found. I also can see that these letters could be very incriminating. However, let us just take a minute and think this over. As much good as it may do to kill the king, we must make sure we go through proper procedures and don’t miss any information because of a horrible investigation. For all we know, these letter may be the product of a friendly role play. And is there any proof that King Louis was replying. He could be completely against what the Austrians are suggesting. Once someone goes to the guillotine, there is no bringing them back. We must also consider what may happen after the king is killed. For example, harming Louis may anger the surrounding countries and we could have a large war on our hands. As a Girondist, I suggest that we find a happy medium  on these constitutional issues. The King does not need to be harmed, but merely have all his power removed. There has been so much killing already, with the September Massacres just three months ago, will killing King Louis really reduce the amount of death that will be in the future.

We, the people of France, need to start thinking rationally and put this revolution on pause. We are moving to quickly ahead, making radical decisions and thinking that it’s easier to just kill everyone, without thinking of the consequences. Many lives can, and will, be saved if we just take the time to take a step back and look at what we are doing. We must start looking at where we are headed and see if it we should really, truly listen to the violent suggestions of people like Marat and Robespierre.

Charlotte Corday: Conflicted Opinion

Hello everyone. It is the month of May of 1789 and the Revolution has reached the ears of us out in Caen. Some people of the rebellion have even set up a base here. I can’t tell how I feel about this rebellion. As much as I agree with what is being done and happening, the architectural work on the Abbaye-aux-Dames is slowing and my convent is being suppressed. I think this revolution may work. I feel that the King will be overthrown and that much more power will be given to the Third Estate than it had a year ago. That will be good, will it not? The King does not know how to handle his money. There are people starving and the price of bread just keeps going up, but that does not seem to effect King Louis. If the King were to lose power though, it does not guarantee that our issues will be solved but it is more likely that they will because we can see the other side of the fence.


Unfortunately, I don’t do anything big until I kill Marat and am not mentioned in the primary documents prior to the assassination.

Reflection of the Civil War

I chose the topic of King James I and King Charles I. My group consisted of Joanna and Raymond. I felt the main idea that was learnt was who King Charles and King James were as people. This was shown through their actions. I’m very proud of our group’s rap. I felt that it was very successful and covered the key points in an entertaining way that held the class’s attention. Something that could have been improved on is to have a more in depth King Charles Prezi. It was a last minute addition and therefore didn’t have a lot of information. In the future, we as a group should figure out what is to be covered in depth by the group in the beginning and not halfway through.


 Two units that captured my interest was the Civil War Part 2 and the Oliver Cromwell. I will definitely remember the Mock Trial because it was so engaging as well as the Cromwell “Royals” Parody because it’s a well known song and was a catchy parody. These presentations opened my eyes to the fact that, though king, Charles’ position of power in society did nothing to distinguish him from any other citizen of society during his trial. They also showed me that normal people can rise and make a difference but it isn’t always for the best.

Some questions that were raised for me were: Why were kings crowned at such a young age if the weren’t old enough to make or comprehend the decisions that the king faces? Did anyone become supporters of parliament because they feared the king’s reaction to the rebellion were it to fail?

I spent my class time writing, editing and filming the video after we had the base information for the prezi as my computer didn’t allow me to access and edit the prezi. Some strategies I employed as far as writing the rap was looking through our research document finding information on the two Kings that they could use against each other. Something I would do again is the rap battle or maybe change it and rewrite/write a song as it has you analyze the information for things you can rhyme and pair, as well as things you can relate to each other.

Big question time!

If those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, what are we ‘doomed to repeat’ by not learning about this period in English history?

I believe that the thing we would be “doomed to repeat” would be changing our living style in a huge way that would not be easily undone. I believe we would do something dire without fully understanding the outcome and end up realizing it was a horrible idea and we have no concrete way of undoing it.

Did a nation define its culture or a culture define its nation?

Hello everyone!! So, I realize that my picture may be a little self-explanatory but I must say I’m technologically challenged and this is the best I can do.

Which defined what

My question is: Did a nation define its culture or a culture define its nation? In class we’ve been talking about how different nations have different cultures. What I’m basically asking is, did a group of people establish themselves to be a nation and then sit down and talk about how they were going to act and what traditions they were going to follow? Or did a group of people establish a way of life, similar traditions and actions before banding together to be one nation? Did they possibly happen simultaneously?

I chose a picture of a chicken and an egg because I hoped to relate it to the age old question: What came first? By labeling the pictures “The Nation” and “The Culture”, I showed that I was not asking did the chicken come before the egg or vice versa. However, with the previous knowledge of the question “Which came first?”, I wanted to show that this was a similar question but hopefully one with a concrete answer.


So eminent is done! On to the next pile of homework….. yay….. Any-who, here is every single website I used for the project: This link saved my life. It was awesome. Written by her grand-daughter, it has so much information on Harriet’s childhood, her school life, the Stratemeyer Syndicate and a lot more. This was my primary source of information.

- This book was very good for getting information on the Stratemeyer Syndicate and on Harriet’s home life. It was also a good source for expanding on basic information. This website was very good at explaining the Stratemeyer Syndicate. It didn’t have much information on Harriet specifically. It had great information on her job though and its origins. This website was one of the first websites I used. It has very little information on Harriet but for starting information, if was very informative for starting facts. I used this a lot to find more specific facts and narrow my search ranges. This website was nice to have as it told me which books were written by the Syndicate as well as when they were written and the pen names they were written under.

So that’s it, not many websites. But still, the websites I have were very good and I feel I got a lot of reliable information. So yay!

Night of the Notables

Yay! How fun! Night of the notables was amazing. Watching the speeches was an awesome experience. I feel that I met my goals for the night and for the project. Though the project didn’t inspire any new stories for me, it definitely inspired me to keep writing, and to write more. I feel like that will be how I will be spending all of Christmas break. Also everyone that I talked to at my center came away knowing that Harriet Adams wrote the Nancy Drew series and not Mildred Benson, which I like to think of as a good accomplishment. With future projects like this, I plan on not waiting as long to finish the project as well as planning out what to say when talking to people.

I think the things I will remember most about that night is walking around filming and seeing all the different learning centers. I will also remember how much my feet hurt after wearing heels all day… not going to do that again.. yeah that was a bad idea… I’ll also remember the panic Max sent me into with the spotlight. Right along side that, I’ll remember how awesome the speeches were. They were absolutely amazing. I really hope that next year us grade nines will compare.

I just want to commend all the committees on their great work. Everyone did a great job! Layout worked really well and yummy, yummy food. Alison, you did an amazing job as project coordinator. Really, everyone did an amazing job and I think if one person hadn’t, Wednesday would not have been so successful.

Well that’s all from me for now. It’s late, I’m tired and I’m heading off to bed. Bye bye!

I’m officially an interviewer!

I’ve finally completed a real interviewer! Yay! I interviewed my old English teacher, Ms. Holland, from elementary school. She remembered me! Now she didn’t know anything specifically on Harriet, but she helped me get an insight into the world of publishing and writing. I learned that, as a children’s writer, she got a lot of inspiration from her childhood. This reminded wanted to have Nancy’s life when she was child, and it was as if she was inspired by her childhood fantasies.

Ms. Holland told me that you  need to research your market VERY WELL if you want to get published. Harriet and her father clearly had as she had a company that published all the Syndicate’s books. Also, the Syndicate had a trend with mystery novels which seemed to be selling very well.

Another thing Ms. Holland talked about was the amount of editing that went into getting a book ready for publishing. I can only imagine how many times Harriet would edit a story then give it back for them to fix over and over with every single book in the Syndicate’s making. She must have spent most of her time editing. I bet she got real good, real fast, at editing. Editing was also her first job ever that she did for the Syndicate.

Ms. Holland said that something that helped writers a lot were writing groups. They are very inspiring and are thorough if you have the people within the group edit you work. I wonder if Harriet was part of a writing  group. Probably not because then there would be people editing her ghostwriters work, a job that was hers, and would know the stories before they were published and who it was writing them. If anything, Harriet would have had a writing group within the Syndicate. (There’s a learning center idea…… Hehe)

Ms. Holland was very helpful in helping me see into the technical world of writing. I hope to keep those tips in mind as I work towards completing my IEP goal of finishing my book. I wish I had time to read a book written by Harriet before Night of the Notables to give me some help on seeing different writing tips in her stories. Another thing I’d like to know is what happens after companies say “Yes, we will publish you.”  I hope to use the information I learned within my learning center as I turn my little section of the school into the Stratemeyer Syndicate story brain storming meeting (whether that exists or not is unknown but it works for what I am doing). So yay! Hope to see a bunch of people there.

I have to go work… stupid procrastination…..

Au revoir!

Document of Learning

Two days ago, I was stressing out. I mean, I had a little more than twelve days to set up an interview, figure out how to capture the voices on camera with no mics (probably won’t happen), plan my learning center, figure out the RSVPS and write a speech that I hadn’t started. I believe this is called result of procrastination. However, I am no longer freaking out. I actually finished a rough draft of my speech (yay) and I have an interview scheduled for later today. From my research, I have learned quite a bit about writing. I’ve learned that sometimes big expanded moments are just nuisances and can easily be replaced with a single sentence. Hopefully this will help my complete my goal in finishing my book. If only I had my own team of ghost writers. It would make everything so much simpler. The research has definitely opened up new perspectives for writing as well as new influences for my stories maybe. I also loved writing as Edna, Harriet’s sister. It was really fun and not nearly as hard as I thought. Sadly, I still have no clue what I am going to do for my learning center. I believe I will have one of Harriet’s books on my table but that’s about as far as my planning’s gone.  Sadly, I still have no clue what I am going to do for my learning center. I believe I will have one of Harriet’s books on my table but that’s about as far as my planning’s gone. I want people to come away knowing that Carolyn Keene was not Ms. Benson and was in fact Harriet Stratemeyer. I also want people to know how much influence Harriet had and that certain words and stories can have so much meaning and power behind them that the outcome can be unbelievable.

Eminent Library Experience

Hello everyone! I had so much fun at the library! How about everyone else? The book store was crazy. I was pretty sure I was going to walk into something. I got some really good photos, especially of the library. So as I said in the comments of my last post, I am going to include connections between my word and Harriet Adams.

Oops, think I walked into Joanna at this point…
Look what I found!
I found you… hehe…
Pretty leaves!
“I like big books and I cannot lie”
You’re surrounded….


Oh look, there are my feet…
I want to be a spy!
Music scores at the library! Can we have this in Coquitlam? Please?
I loved these books as a kid. I think my sister and I had bowls and mugs with these characters on them at one point…..
I wonder what’s behind the door? The door itself looks like a safe.

IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0142 IMG_0131 IMG_0130 IMG_0129 IMG_0128 IMG_0127 IMG_0194  I hope that as I look into Harriet Adams and her life, I will see a different side of being a female detective writer and that it will “open” up new paradigms for me as I write. I hope it may also open up different ways of seeing stories and plots as well as help me to learn more about writing as I speak of a writer’s life through her sister’s point of view.



If Joanna had sent me her photos, I could have all the matching photos and this wouldn’t look so weird…. Go to to see if she has her photos up that match.
Officially one of the best book stores I’ve ever seen!


The book stacks looked unstable… It was a little un-nerving….

Well  that is how my word connects to my person. Yeah… I don’t know. I’m actually really looking forward to writing my speech. I think it will be really fun and an interesting challenge. This will definitely be harder than writing as an unknown observer that had no personal connections. Luckily I have a sister so I can kind of imagine what sisters sound like. It helps that my best friends are twins and are sisters to each other. I get an unbiased viewing of many arguments and conversations without being part of them myself…. Yay!



Taking photos today really got me excited for photography class. I loved trying to get all the different angles, focus points and colour schemes. I really wish I had had a better camera than just the one on my phone because you can’t play with the focus points. I think I officially have something new to save for….









I am a little sad that I could only find one book on Harriet Adams and I don’t even know how much help it will be. Thank goodness for the internet or I’d be in a bit of a predicament for research.

I can only imagine the internet crashing a week or two before Night of the Notables. How many people would be doomed? I sure would be.





This little expedition was really fun. I sure hope that we all can do something like this again. I’m so glad it was a beautiful day. Can you imagine if it had been raining? I’m sure we would all have still had a bunch of fun… we would just also be kind of wet…. Hmmm solitude spot in the rain…..


Time to compile all the rest of my photos…. I really need to learn some formatting for mass picture addition…. Maybe later… Please excuse the explosion and disorganized clumps and enjoy the photos. Bye!


IMG_0185 IMG_0183 IMG_0181 IMG_0180 IMG_0177 IMG_0176 IMG_0173 IMG_0172 IMG_0170 IMG_0169 IMG_0168 IMG_0167 IMG_0165 IMG_0164 IMG_0163 IMG_0161 IMG_0160 IMG_0157 IMG_0155 IMG_0154 IMG_0153 IMG_0152 IMG_0149 IMG_0148 IMG_0147 IMG_0146

Eminent Person

It has started! I have no idea whether I should jump up and down and clap my hands or run away and hide in my room for the next month. Hopefully, the latter will not be necessary. Moving on…. I have decided to do Harriet Adams as my Eminent Person.

Harriet Adams  is most known for her work on the Nancy Drew Series which she wrote under the name Caroline Keene. She also wrote some Hardy Boys books under the name Franklin W. Dixon. She was a huge part of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. This was a book packager started by her dad, Edward Statemeyer, which she took over when he died in 1930. She had a sister named Edna Squier and she married a man named Russell Vroom Adams with whom she had four kids.

While completing the eminent person project, I hope to find inspiration and ideas for my own books and stories. One of Harriet’s stories or part of her life may spark ideas for me or possibly help me to find what type of genre is my strength and what genre fits me. This will help me to complete my IEP goal of finishing my novel.