Eminent Person

It has started! I have no idea whether I should jump up and down and clap my hands or run away and hide in my room for the next month. Hopefully, the latter will not be necessary. Moving on…. I have decided to do Harriet Adams as my Eminent Person.

Harriet Adams  is most known for her work on the Nancy Drew Series which she wrote under the name Caroline Keene. She also wrote some Hardy Boys books under the name Franklin W. Dixon. She was a huge part of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. This was a book packager started by her dad, Edward Statemeyer, which she took over when he died in 1930. She had a sister named Edna Squier and she married a man named Russell Vroom Adams with whom she had four kids.

While completing the eminent person project, I hope to find inspiration and ideas for my own books and stories. One of Harriet’s stories or part of her life may spark ideas for me or possibly help me to find what type of genre is my strength and what genre fits me. This will help me to complete my IEP goal of finishing my novel.



Okay, well I don’t know if anyone actually looks at other peoples blogs….. but I’m writing a story and I don’t know what to do for the ending. I’ll attach a link HERE to its google doc. Now, I haven’t really looked at it for about 2 years so please don’t look at the grammar. The idea I have for now is that the twins confront the court/castle people (like Sean and stuff) and reveal Herald’s crimes. They go to Herald’s study to confront him and find him dead…. Not really an ending but a good continuation. Don’t know what to do after that but Nyella ends up back in the forest with the wolves in the end…. I’d appreciate feed back from all the writers out there…. Wish me luck for finishing…. (I found this idea in a notebook from when I was seven)

Finally Finalized

OK so with a some input from Mr. Jackson, I have finalized that my word will be open. I like this word because it can be interpreted and manipulated to fit many definitions and scenarios. It is much like one of my possible words, open-minded, but, as apposed to that word, this one is much more open (see what I did there) to the different areas that it can be applied to. It is a much more loose term when not surrounded by other words and therefore can work better with all aspects of my life. Hope to check back soon. Ciao!

New School, New Blog

Hello everyone. So this is my new blog. This year will be my 4th year using edublogs. Might as well bring up that I have two other blogs under the same account. I don’t know if you can see them from outside the account, but if anyone wants to see them, tell me and I’ll put up the links. Moving on. I have yet to choose a word for this year…. yes, very decisive am I. Right now I have a bit of a list. I am still trying to find a word that sums everything up. These are the words…. Maybe someone can help me find a common theme or word within them..



-slow down


-open minded

I feel I live a very busy life with quite a busy schedule. I want my word to be a reminder not to go head first into things and just wiz through life, but to slow down and actually take in and realize what is all happening. I want it to remind me to calm down and not feel like everything is a race to the finish and that I am allowed to take breaks and just… stay.

Feed back would be great. Looking forward to a fun new year.