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New School, New Blog

Hello everyone. So this is my new blog. This year will be my 4th year using edublogs. Might as well bring up that I have two other blogs under the same account. I don’t know if you can see them from outside the account, but if anyone wants to see them, tell me and I’ll put up the links. Moving on. I have yet to choose a word for this year…. yes, very decisive am I. Right now I have a bit of a list. I am still trying to find a word that sums everything up. These are the words…. Maybe someone can help me find a common theme or word within them..



-slow down


-open minded

I feel I live a very busy life with quite a busy schedule. I want my word to be a reminder not to go head first into things and just wiz through life, but to slow down and actually take in and realize what is all happening. I want it to remind me to calm down and not feel like everything is a race to the finish and that I am allowed to take breaks and just… stay.

Feed back would be great. Looking forward to a fun new year.